Jean Monnet Chair: Dr Milenko Petrovic

PhD Theses, 2017-2020


Iana Sabatovych, the thesis title: “Is there a successful transition without European Integration. Investigating the key determinants of Ukraine’s post-communist transformation”, successfully completed and defended on 21 March 2019.

Daviti Mcdashvili: ‘Dilemmas of Europeanization: Foreign Policy of the European Union towards the South Caucasus’, started in 2017, in progress.

Xiwen Wang: ‘China’s relationship with the European Union in the context of 16+1 Cooperation Framework (2012-2018): an Investigation of the cases of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania’, started in 2018, in progress.

Aleksandar Malkov: ‘Russia’s interactions with Central-Eastern Europe: Power-driven or interest-driven cooperation’, started in 2019, in progress.



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