C3EU Senior Partner Meeting #5

Vilnius, Lithuania (April 9-10, 2018)


C3EU and VIPA teams after the public presentation,VIPA, Vilnius, Lithuania. April 2018

The C3EU Senior Partner Meeting #7 took place in Lithuania on April 9-11, 2018. Led by the C3EU leader, Prof Natalia Chaban, the meeting met several objectives. It discussed final results of the q-sort analysis; discussed and revised C3EU Executive Reports; elaborated policy recommendations; and overviewed dissemination events in the final year of the project. It also started final report drafting. During the two-day Senior Partner meeting, partners discussed the final phase of the C3EU and a series of final events, including the schedule of production of the C3EU Special Issue with “European Security” journal.

Network Research Meeting also featured preparation for two major stakeholder events. The first event — Public Seminar co-organised with Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis (VIPA) on April 9 — presented results to the representatives of civil society, non-governement and government bodies, media and think tank community.  The second event — Diplomatic Training “Public Diplomacy and EU Conflicted Neighbours” on April 10 — took place at the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event (co-organized with VIPA and Lithuanian MTAFT) used methods and findings of the C3EU Network’s research to engage with diplomats and MFAT practitioners.  Both events demonstrate the impact and uptake of the NCRE-led research by international relations practitioners and stakeholders.

Senior Partner Meeting #5 programme Vilnius 2018.pdf


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