C3EU Focused Symposium

Brussels, Belgium (September 9, 2018)

Team C3EU during the C3EU Focused Symposium. Brussels, Belgium. September 9, 2018

On September 9, 2018 C3EU ran its Concluding Symposium at Sofitel Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.  Member of C3EU team presented their paper elaborating key findings and employing diverse methods to analyse data. The Symposium featured single- and co-authored papers (the latter are a result of collaboration between C3EU team members – early-career and experienced researchers, as well as scholars from the C3EU Network and outside it).  Contributions to the Symposium are designated as papers for the Special Issue with peer-reviewed academic journal European Security (to be published in 2019). Co-editors of the propose Special Issue – Natalia Chaban, Martin Holland, Alister Miskimmon and Ben O’Loughlin – provided their feedback to the papers. Professor Ole Elgström of Lund University (Sweden) was invited to serve as an external reviewer for the Symposium papers. 

Papers Presented at the C3EU Concluding Symposium

Natalia Chaban, Martin Holland, Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin: Understanding the scope and limits of EU diplomacy – Connecting strategic narrative to EU external perceptions research: Rationale, Origins and Themes (presented by Natalia Chaban, Martin Holland, Alister Miskimmon, Ben O’Loughlin).

Alister Miskimmon and Ben O’Loughlin: A Crisis of Influence? Explaining the Effects of EU Strategic Narratives in Ukraine (presented by Alister Miskimmon and Ben O’Loughlin)

Patrick Müller Normative Power Europe and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The EU’s Peacebuilding Narrative meets Local Narratives (presented by Patrick Müller)

Sabatovych. P. Heinrichs, Y. Hobova, V. Velychenko. ‘Learning’ narratives of the EU’s external perceptions in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine: a critical approach towards the implementation of the EU’s external governance among local civil society elites (Narratives and Civil Society Elites) (presented by Iana Sabataovych)

Chaban, M. Knodt, S. Liekis Narrators’ Perspectives: Communicating the EU in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine in times of conflict (presented by Natalia Chaban)

Olena Morozova and Galina Yavorska The EU and Ukraine in the mirror of conceptual metaphors: Monomodal and multimodal metaphors and creation of narratives (presented by Olena Morozova)

Anastasiya Pshenychnykh Ukrainian Perspectives on the Self, the EU and Russia: An Intersemiotic Analysis of Ukrainian Newspapers (presented by Anastasiya Pshenychnykh)

Svitlana Zhabotynska and Valentina Velivchenko New Media and Strategic Narratives: The Dutch Referendum on Ukraine – EU Association Agreement in Ukrainian and Russian Internet Blogs (presented by Svitlana Zhabotynska)

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