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The following outlets were selected for C3EU media analysis:

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Selected Media Outlets: Ukraine

Selected outlet Ownership Readership Editions Circulation Additional notes
Den’ (Day) “Nova Informatsiya” LLC. Beneficiary: Roman Vavrysh (“Fatherland”, “People’s Front”) 137,760 readers from 18 to 65 (0,9% Cvr.) of one newspaper issue 4 times per week (hard copy edition + online edition) 62,500 issues (Ukr.; the same in Rus.); 7,025 issues (Eng.). Representative offices in Vinnitsa, Poltava, Kyiv, Lviv and Cherkasy News, political and economic analytics; also focus on culture
Segodnya National LLC “Media Group Ukraine”. Stock-holder: “System Capital Management”, Rinat Akhmetov 508,200 (3.6 Cvr.) readers of one newspaper issue (TNS MMI 2016/2+3) daily, 4 times a week, Tuesday-Friday (hard copy edition + online edition) 230,000 copies (in Rus. and together with regional issues in Kiyv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro) News, political and economic analytics. Among top-10 readerships
Komentarii LLC ‘Publishing House “Komentari” Serhiy Kurochkin (allegedly) 60,000 readers of the e-version per day hard copy edition once a week (on working Mondays) + online edition 500 copies a week (Rus.).

20,000 issues (Ukrainian)

40,000 issues (Russian) per month


News, political and economic analytics. Target — business. Critical to European course
Gazeta po-ukrainsky (Gazeta) “Nova Informatsiya” LLC. Beneficiary: Roman Vavrysh. Allegedly: Kostyantyn Zhevago, Ivan Vasyunik 0.9 Cvr.

TSN Ukraine 2014/2 + 2014/3 – 150,570 readers of one issue


hard copy edition: twice a week on working Tuesdays and Fridays +  online edition Tuesday edition – 400,370 copies; Friday edition – 295,580 copies a week (in Ukr. with quotes in Russian).

Editorial offices in Kiev, Lvov, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Cherkasy

Focus on local events, rarely addressing political issues. Among top-10 readerships
Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (DzT) LLC “ZN”. Publishing house “Ormos”. Owners: Yuryi Orlikov,

Yulia Mostova, Oleksii Mostovyi, Volodymyr Mostovyi

265,200 readers of one issue, hard copy + online version hard copy edition – weekly (separate editions in Russian and Ukrainian) + online edition 57,000 issues (in 2006), Kyiv In-depth analytics. Audience: decision-makers, practitioners. Liberal, non-partisan
Ukrayina Moloda (UM) Private Enterprise “Ukrayina Moloda”. Main editor Mykhailo Droshenko, close to Victor Yushchenko 120,000 readers a week hard copy edition – daily, 5 times per  week + online edition 99,000 issues, Kyiv Liberal, affordable. Caters to a younger audience, addresses local issues
Uryadovyi Kur”yer (UK, Kur”yer) Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 100,000 readers of one issue hard copy edition – daily, 5 times per week + online edition 500,000 issues per month A newspaper of the Ukrainian government
Holos Ukraiiny (Holos) The Supreme Council of Ukraine   hard copy edition – daily, 5 times per week + online edition 204,694 copies per month (in 1999), in Ukr. and Rus. A newspaper of the Ukrainian parliament


[/wptab] [wptab name=’Selected media outlets: Israel and Palestine’]

Selected Media Outlets: Israel

Selected outlet Ownership Readership Editions Circulation
Yediot Ahronot Private: Moses family and Eliezer Fishman -popular

-in public- everybody

– owners- writers- subscribed readers “elite, anti-Bibi”

Daily and extended on weekends 35.4% (July 2014-June 2015).

Printing –

174,000 daily,

350,000 on weekends

Israel Hayom (On-line edition)
Private: Sheldon and Miriam Edelson -popular (but “elites” are more critical to it)

-in public

-Bibi’s “Shofar”

-Central-right audience?

Daily and extended on weekends 39.8% (July 2014-June 2015).

Printing – 275,000 daily, 400,000 on weekends

Kul Al Arab* Private ownership by Al Arab Group The “Israeli –Arab People’s Newspaper”. Not attached to any political side On weekends


30% of the Arab-Israeli Population. Printing 30,000


Selected Media Outlets: Palestine

Selected outlet Ownership Readership Editions Circulation
Al Kuds


Private ownership. 2nd generation of Abu Zalaf family. But linked to the PLO. The most common newspaper on the West Bank. Linked to the PLO Daily broad-sheet


Printing 20,000. 81.1% of the 18+ population in the West Bank
Al Ayam* Private ownership by Bashar El Masri Mainstream Daily. Regular editions on weekends as well


The 2nd on the West Bank. Exact Number is not available but less than 20,000

* were not representative in terms of EU coverage

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