Dunedin Model EU 2022

The 2022 Dunedin Model EU will simulate discussions taking place in the Council of the European Union. Participants will be assigned a Member State to represent at a ministerial level.

2022 Dunedin Model EU theme:
Freedom of Expression & Information in the EU

Delegates will assume the role of Ministers of a Member State to debate a draft directive focused on freedom of expression and information in the EU. In preparation all delegates will receive an email with their respective role and suggestions on how to research their Member State’s position on information and freedom of expression and the actions proposed in the draft directive.

During the meeting you should try to identify other Member States who hold similar policy positions or try and build coalitions based on geographical links or party ideologies. Decisions taken in the Council are by Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). This procedure is explained in the simulation handbook.

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Useful resources and starting points can be found in the Resources section below.

Event details

When? 29th and 30th June 2022

Timing? 9am – 3pm

Where? University of Otago, Dunedin

Keynote Address: Diplomatic speaker


Model EU Booklet 2022:

The Dunedin 2022 booklet is linked here.

Participants will also be emailed a copy of the student handbook, and provided with hardcopies on day one of the event

Teacher Professional Development


Why attend a Model EU event?

The EU and Europe do not feature prominently in New Zealand media and school curriculum despite its strong impact and influence on this part of the world. The “EU in Schools” project encourages incorporation of EU content into the curriculum by engaging secondary students and teachers in EU Studies.

The project organises Model EU training and simulations for high school students and Professional Learning Development (PLD) workshops for teachers. The Model EU training and simulation events provide students with practical, hands-on experience of the EU’s processes and challenges. Participants are introduced to the EU, its governance and the event subject through interactive and self-directed learning. Themes are relevant to young people and relate to current developments in the EU.

For more information on upcoming events keep an eye on our Events and Opportunities Page or scroll on to see what happened at past Model EU events.

With the help of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, the EUCN and NCRE  in partnership with the Aotearoa Social Studies Association and hosting partners, we are pleased to offer Model EU Simulation events as well as Professional Learning Development Workshops for Teachers across New Zealand.

What is a Model EU event?

The EUCN in partnership with the NCRE and the EU Delegation to New Zealand are pleased to offer Model EU Training and Simulation events to high school students across New Zealand. Students assume the roles of ‘Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)’, representing  a political party and a Member State (MS) country. Delegates then work with members of their own party and those with similar interests to form a position on the various issues and find the best outcome to dealing with the crisis. Debate takes place in Committee session over 2 days and culminates in a Plenary Session at the end of the second day when Delegates attempt to accept a new Directive.

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