Jean Monnet


Welcome to Jean Monnet Actions New Zealand!

Jean Monnet Activities are designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. Activities supported by the Jean Monnet programme are teaching & research, support to associations and policy debate with the academic world. Below is a list of Jean Monnet Activities. Each activity is linked to successful past and current activities led by New Zealand academics.

Jean Monnet Projects

Jean Monnet Projects support innovation, cross-fertilisation and the spread of European Union content.

Jean Monnet Networks

Jean Monnet Networks foster the creation and development of consortia of international players in the area of European Union studies in order to gather information, exchange practices, build knowledge and promote the European integration process across the world.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence 

A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a focal point of competence and knowledge on European Union subjects. It brings together high-level experts to create links between the various disciplines and resources in European Studies and to form links with academic institutions in other countries. It plays a key role in reaching out to students from faculties not normally dealing with EU issues as well as to policy makers, civil servants, organised civil society and the general public at large.

Jean Monnet Module 

A Jean Monnet Module is a short teaching programme (or course) in the field of European Union studies at a higher education institution. The aim of the module is to promote research and teaching experience among young researchers, scholars and practitioners in EU issues, foster the publication and dissemination of academic research, create interest in the EU, foster the introduction of an EU angle mainly into non-EU related subjects and deliver tailor-made courses on specific EU issues relevant for graduates in their professional life.

Jean Monnet Chair

A Jean Monnet Chair is a teaching post with a specialisation in European Union studies for university professors. It can only be held by one professor, who must provide the minimum of 90 teaching hours per academic year over a period of three consecutive years.

Jean Monnet Support for Associations 

Jean Monnet supports associations that contribute to the study of the European integration process. Association should be interdisciplinary and open to all interested professors, teachers and students.

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