Model EU Rotorua 2021

We are very happy to announce that we will be organising a Model EU simulation event and Teacher Professional Development Workshop in Rotorua! The event will simulate discussions taking place at the Parliament of the European Union, where democratically elected members (MEPs) from all EU member states meet to discuss, amend and adopt a EU Directive or Regulation.


2021 Model EU Rotorua  
News, Fake News and No News – Freedom of Expression and Information in the EU 


European Parliament  
The European Parliament is the EU’s law-making body and an important forum for political debate and decision-making at EU-level. The Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are directly elected by voters in all member states to represent people’s interests with regard to EU law-making and to make sure other EU institutions are working democratically. Delegates assume the roles of Members of the European Parliament to debate a draft directive focused freedom of expression and information in the EU.

  • MEP’s sit in political groups – they are not organised by nationality, but by political affiliation. Before every vote in plenary the political groups scrutinise the draft documents drawn up by the parliamentary committees and request amendments to them.
  • Members are also divided among specialised standing Committees, and the political makeup of the Committees reflects that of the whole parliament. Committees draft, amend and adopt legislative proposals which will then discussed in plenary. 

Delegates will assume the roles of MEPs and represent an EU member state and political party in a Committee. Delegates work with members of their own party and those with similar interests to form a position on the various issues and find the best outcome to dealing with the crisis. Debate takes place in Committee and political party sessions over 2 days and culminates in a Plenary Session at the end of the second day when Delegates attempt to accept a new Directive.

For more information on the European Parliament visit its website

Event Details

Event details

When? Saturday + Sunday, 14+15 August 2021

Timing? The event will started on both days with registrations at 9am. On Saturday, we conclude at approximately 7pm and on Sunday at around 4pm. 

Where? Rotorua Girls’ High School, Rotorua. 

Costs? Registration costs will be NZ$25 per student. These costs cover your participation, resources and food during the event (Morning & Afternoon Tea and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday).  

Registration to participate closes on 9 July 2021

Out-of-town? We have some scholarships and travel grants available for students participating from outside Rotorua, and we can assist with accommodation if needed. For more information visit the FAQ section. 

Registration? Individual students please register online via the link below (soon published). Teachers can contact Yvonne for a registration form for group registrations. 


What do the registration fees cover?
The registration fees cover Morning & Afternoon Tea as well as lunch on both days. We also provide a dinner on Saturday evening (you can opt out of this). The fees contribute to the organisation of this event including mentors. 

I am out of town. What travel subsidies are available?
For students not living in Rotorua we can support your means of travel (bus, air or by car in groups and/or with a guardian) with up to NZ$100. You will need to provide us with proof of payment of your means of transport (i.e. receipt of bus or plane ticket and your boarding passes). Reimbursements will be processed in the week following the event. You need to make your own travel arrangements. 

What is the accommodation support available?
We are working with the Rotorua YHA and potentially a holiday park to provide accommodation for out-of-town participants. Students will be accommodated in bunk rooms (same sex only). We will provide basic breakfast foods in the kitchen and you are asked to make your own breakfast.   

I am out of town and staying at the provided accommodation. What do I need to bring? 
Please bring your own towels, toiletries and any medication you are taking. Also come prepared with the materials that will be sent out prior to the event. 

What should I wear for the Model EU event? 
You will be representing Members of the European Parliament, elected by the people of the EU’s member states. These are important roles and we expect a high formal standard of dress or school uniform. When choosing what to wear, think if this would be appropriate to wear in the New Zealand parliament addressing New Zealanders at a press conference. 

I am a teacher and would like to register a group of students. 
Perfect! Please download and print the registration form in this LINK for students to complete, then send us scans of these. Please also advise the correct address to invoice the registration fees.

I am a teacher/guardian and will bring a group of out-of-town students. 
Even better! We will provide you accommodation with the students, however in a single room. Due to availability we cannot (yet) confirm if this will be ensuite or shared facilities. There is no registration fees for teacher or for the professional teacher development workshop. 

Covid-19 Alert Levels

Important – Covid-19 Alert Levels 

The event will be run at alert levels 1 and 2. We have safety precautions in place should the country/region be in alert level 2 at that time. The event will not be run at alert levels 3 or 4. 

Registrations & Sign In: We are using a manual register for contact tracing in addition to the governmental Covid-19 tracer app: every morning and every time you leave the event, you need to come past the reception desk to sign in/out

Covid-19 precautions: QR codes can be located on every building entry and we strongly encourage you to scan the code every time you enter a building. Frequently use the hand sanitiser provided and cover any coughs and sneezes with your elbow. If you are unwell, please do ring the welfare number and stay home. As part of our duty of care we will let your school/teacher/parent know that you are not attending on that day.

Welfare and Emergencies: staff and supporting university students (your Topic Experts) are very happy to assist you. If you have any concerns, please approach one of us and we will do our best to help. 


Soon you will find here a link to the Rotorua Model EU 2021 booklet with introductory and background information. This will also be sent out by email and you will receive a printed copy on first day. 

Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Parallel to the Model EU for students, we are offering a one-day Professional Development Workshop in collaboration with the Aotearoa Social Studies Educators Network (ASSEN), providing teachers with EU Studies teaching resources that link into the NZ context and curriculum related to the Model EU theme. The EU and Europe are very broad areas and fit with many topics and subjects across the  curriculum, thus the workshop will be multidisciplinary and facilitated by experienced teacher educators and EU Studies academics. The workshop encourages networking and collaboration with colleagues, and the development of a “network of EU experts in schools”.

The workshop will be split over both Model EU days (2x half days) to allow time for teachers to observe their students, further engage with the material or focus on other tasks. 

Workshop times: Saturday, 14 August 2021 with lunch to approx 5pm and Sunday, 15 August 2021 from 9.15am to approx 12pm. 

There is no registration fee for the Teacher Professional Development Workshop. The NCRE can offer up to NZ$400 teacher relief per participant which will be paid to the school. 

For more information please contact Yvonne Grosch, 

Freedom of Expression and Information in the EU?

Soon to come 

Why attend a Model EU event?

The EU and Europe do not feature prominently in New Zealand media and school curriculum despite its strong impact and influence on this part of the world. The “EU in Schools” project encourages incorporation of EU content into the curriculum by engaging secondary students and teachers in EU Studies.

The project organises Model EU training and simulations for high school students and Professional Learning Development (PLD) workshops for teachers. The Model EU training and simulation events provide students with practical, hands-on experience of the EU’s processes and challenges. Participants are introduced to the EU, its governance and the event subject through interactive and self-directed learning. Themes are relevant to young people and relate to current developments in the EU.

For more information on upcoming events keep an eye on our Events and Opportunities Page or scroll on to see what happened at past Model EU events. 

With the help of a grant from the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission, the EUCN and NCRE are pleased to offer Model EU Training and Simulation events as well as Professional Learning Development Workshops for Teachers across New Zealand.

What is a Model EU event?

The EUCN in partnership with the NCRE and the EU Delegation to New Zealand are pleased to offer Model EU Training and Simulation events to high school students across New Zealand. Students assume the roles of ‘Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)’, representing  a political party and a Member State (MS) country. Delegates then work with members of their own party and those with similar interests to form a position on the various issues and find the best outcome to dealing with the crisis. Debate takes place in Committee session over 2 days and culminates in a Plenary Session at the end of the second day when Delegates attempt to accept a new Directive.

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The events in this LINK were organised with the help of the “Model EU in Schools” grant 2014-2017. 

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