Jean Monnet Projects support innovation, cross-fertilisation and the spread of European Union content.

Current Jean Monnet projects:

2020-2023 ENGAGE

2020-2023 HUI-EU

2020-2023 EU Public Diplomacy & Outreach in New Zealand: Increasing the EU's visibility in NZ (DIPLO)

2019-2022 Model EU in Schools 

2017-2021  Impact

2021-2022 EU Studies teaching modules


Past Jean Monnet Projects: 

2018-2021 Youth Opinion & Opportunities for EU Public Diplomacy: Youth Narratives and Perceptions of the EU and EU-Ukraine Relations (E-YOUTH)

2017-2021 EUCN NZ Project - IMPACT 

2017-2019 EUCN NZ- EUNZFTA - Policy Debate with the Academic World 

2016-2018 Asia-Pacific Model European Union – European Council Simulation (partner) 

2015-2017  Model EU in Schools

2013-2014 Mainstreaming, Methodology and Human Rights in Disaster Risk Management: European Union and the Pacific



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