JM Dissemination Event with Stakeholders and Public

Public Lecture “Images and Perceptions of the European Union in Ukraine post-Maidan”

24 September 2018

U3A (University of 3rd Age), Queenstown Chapter. By invitation.

Prof Chaban discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and contextualised it in relation to the EU and security of its eastern borders.  She argued that it is critical that Europe diagnoses and understands EU perceptions in this volatile strategic neighbour and tracks expectations as perceptions, attitude and expectations guide decision making around Russia-Ukraine conflict – in Ukraine and the EU. This presentation introduces Ukraine to the U3A audience, discussed perceptions towards the EU as well as broader visions of Europe in Ukraine, and invited the audience to consider the EU as a producer of diplomatic outcomes in conflicted societies in the context of the EU’s multiple crises and a changing world

Public Lecture “2019 – Relaunching NZ- European Union Relations” within the series “An Evening With…”  organised by College of Arts of UC (co-delivered with Prof Holland and Dr Kelly)

6 August, 2019

In this Lecture, JM Chair Chaban, with Prof Holland and Dr Kelly, discussed a new relevance of the EU for New Zealand in the context of Brexit and the EU’s new leadership.  Prof Chaban focused her presentation on the evolution of the EU perceptions and narratives  in New Zealand and their impact on the EU-NZ diplomatic dialogue and EU public diplomacy towards New Zealand.

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