JM Chair Teaching of under- and postgraduate courses


European Identity and Culture: Multicultural Societies of Europe and the European Union

EURA 201/301, Semester 2 2018


European Languages in Europe and Beyond

European Students share their Views on Multilingual Europe (didactic material for EURA 104) (team of German interns at the NCRE, 2019,)


EURA 104, Semester 2 2018


Navigating Research: Research Training and Methods

EURO 479, Semester 1 2019


The EU in Europe and in the World: The EU’s External Identities

EURO 402, Semester 2 2018

The RCx-EU-website is edited by Mona Semek, student at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigsburg, during an internship at the NCRE.

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