RCx-EU Student Research Hubs

RCx-EU Student Research Hub Year 1 “Social Media and Public Diplomacy: The EU-NZ perspectives” (2018-2019)

Members of the Student Research Hub #1 Adam Griffin and Finlay Palmer presented the Hub activities to Undergraduate students in JM Chair Modules EURA 104 (on the picture) and EURA 201 in August 2019.
Student hub1
Final Meeting/Debrief of Student Research Hub #1, RCx-EU JM Chair Prof Natalia Chaban and the students, August 16, 2019
Student Hub #1 meeting (October 2018)
Student Hub #1 meeting (May 2019)

The Student Research Hub in Year 1 brings together under- and post-graduate students enrolled in the JM Chair’s courses — advanced and motivated students of European Integration — with  the Jean Monnet Chair, NCRE early career researchers and the EU leading experts.

In Year 1, this cross-generational Research Hub undertakes pilot research project “Social Media and Public Diplomacy: The EU-NZ perspectives” testing novel methods and innovative theoretical synergiesin the case-study focused on the digital diplomacy and its potential to public diplomacy between the EU and NZ.  In 2018-2019, the Hub has monitored social media communications of NZ Embassies to the EU and EU member states (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).  Monitoring followed discussions and signing of the EU-NZ FTA, visits of EU high-profile politicians to NZ (Commissioner Malmstrom, and HR Federica Morgherini) as well as NZ PM Jacinda Arden’s visit to Europe in 2018. 

Under-graduate students:
Eleni Gibbs, Adam Griffin (in 2018), Finlay Palmer, Sree Nair, Rhiannon Jones, Regan Harding

Post-Graduate Students:
Rebecca Frankum, Natalija Petrovic, Megan Wakefield, Adam Griffin (in 2019)

NCRE researcher:
Dr Serena Kelly

JM Chair Student Hub Leader:
Prof Natalia Chaban

Hub Activities (Year 1, 2018-2019):

  • Research work in cross-level small groups
  • Regular research meeting of the Hub
  • Work on the Working Paper collection (co-edited by post graduate students Rebecca Frankum and Natalija Petrovic with Prof Chaban and Dr Kelly)
  • Attending presentation by a NZ-EU Expert Group member Prof Richard Whitman at the interdisciplinary panel “The future of EU foreign policy studies” (17 January 2019)
  • Interview by Adam Griffin and Sree Nair, members of the Student Research Hub 1, of Prof Richard Whitman, member of the RCx-EU NZ-EU Expert Group
  • Report of the Hub findings at the NCRE Post-Graduate Conference 2019



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Interview with Prof Richard Whitman, member of the RCx-EU NZ-EU Expert Group (January 2019).

JM Chair RCx-EU Student Research Hub #1 Meeting (March 2019).
Around the table, from left to right: 
Mikhail Lopez, Finlay Palmer, Dr Serena Kelly, Prof Natalia Chaban, Natalija Petrovic (on the phone, attending via Skype), Sree Nair, Rhiannon Jones, Eleni Gibbs, Adam Griffin.
Absent: Rebecca Frankum, Regan Harding.


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