July 16

Model EU in Schools

The EU and Europe do not feature prominently in New Zealand media and school curriculum despite its strong impact and influence on this part of the world. The “Teaching & Learning about the EU” (StudyEU) project encourages incorporation of EU content into the curriculum by engaging secondary students and teachers in EU Studies.

The project organises Model EU training and simulations for high school students and Professional Learning Development (PLD) workshops for teachers. The Model EU  simulation events provide students with practical, hands-on experience of the EU’s processes and challenges. Participants are introduced to the EU, its governance and the event subject through interactive and self-directed learning. Themes are relevant to young people and relate to current developments in the EU. The EUCN in partnership with the NCRE and the EU Delegation to New Zealand are pleased to offer Model EU simulation events to high school students across New Zealand.

The Professional Learning Development (PLD) workshops engage secondary teachers, providing them with knowledge, skills and resources to feel competent and confident to include EU-content in the NZ curriculum. Experienced education facilitators guide teachers through investigation into weaving the EU into New Zealand’s curriculum and assessment, help build practical classroom work plans and resources. The EU and Europe are very broad areas and fit with many topics and subjects across the  curriculum. Workshops are normally held along a Model EU simulation event and will reflect the student events’ topic. The workshop timing will allow teachers to observe their students in action.

2022 Model EU Christchurch

2022 Model EU Dunedin

2022 Model EU Wellington

With the help of a grant from the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission, the EUCN and NCRE in partnership with the Aotearoa Social Studies Association and hosting partners, were pleased to offer Model EU simulation events as well as Professional Learning Development Workshops for Teachers across New Zealand.

Watch our 2021 Model EU event video.


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