The European Union Studies Association Asia Pacific (EUSAAP) is an academic, international network of ten national European Union Studies Associations in the Asia Pacific region collaborating to increase the impact, visibility and excellence of EU Studies. 

EUSAAP promotes EU Studies in the Asia Pacific by organising activities to address issues of mutual importance. The breadth and depth of EU relations varies between countries in the Asia Pacific region, however, activities organised by EUSAAP aim to discuss and analyse the EU’s objective to promote political and social stability of the region through policy input, as well as actions for climate change and digital transformation. EUSAAP seeks to raise awareness, increase the visibility and sustainability of EU Studies by engaging academics, students and practitioners in relevant and current issues, especially in countries where these are under-developed. These activities promote closer connections in research and policy, thus strengthen- and broadening networks. Interaction with experts from across the region also helps to promote greater regional understanding and a sense of identity as a group of scholars with EU focus.

EUSAAP places a high importance on inclusiveness with young scholars participating alongside established academics, practitioners and experts. Postgraduate workshops equip students with valuable, transferable skills, facilitate networking and stimulate research ideas, enhancing the international network of participants.

A call for papers for the 2022 conference In south korea 2022.

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