2019 Model European Union Christchurch, 23 August 2019

Does the European Union need an Army?

The idea of a European Army was first mentioned over 70 years ago and since then has been a recurring theme. So what is different about the latest statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron (among others) about the creation of a European Army?

Today, Europe’s defence policy is more integrated and successful than ever. It’s most recent developments include a rapid reaction force and the creation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Common Security and Defence policy. Further, despite disillusionment with the process of European integration, European citizens consistently support further integration in the field of EU foreign policy.  With threats increasingly transcending borders, such as climate change, cyber security and terrorism within Europe and in its neighbouring countries, European citizens look to the EU to guarantee protection and security. One historic step in common security and defence was the establishment of the permanent structured cooperation (PESCO) in 2017 which consists of 25 Member States and allows them to pursue ambitious projects together, reducing duplication, increasing interoperability and creating new technologies and more efficient processes. 

Given the EU achievements in this area over the last few years: increasing cooperation between EU Member States, updates to the EU Defence and Security Policy combined with the ever-present threat of further terrorist attacks, and Donald Trump’s threats to pull out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – we ask you, is it time, or perhaps even imperative, to create a European Army? Or would the creation of a European army undermine national government’s sovereignty? How far should the collaboration go?

How does a Model EU work?

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Date: Friday, 23 August 2019

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