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UNEXPECTED – Brexit and the future of the European Union 




EUCN in partnership with the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and the NCRE  are very happy to bring this exciting event to Auckland for the second year now!

The 2016 UK referendum to leave the European Union came as a shock to many. What does this mean for the UK? Is this a good or bad thing for the European Union and Europe? What are the implications for non-UK nationals living in the UK, and for UK nationals living in other EU Member States? What about the economies, budgets, trade, external relations,…. on both sides?

The process of the UK leaving the EU is very complex which is proven true by initial negotiations taking place now. We are now inviting you to “step into the shoes” of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and negotiate a Directive to guide these discussions.

Delegates will be allocated a political party of the European Parliament (EP) and represent a Member State (MS) in a Committee. MEPs work with members of their own parties and those with similar interests to form a position on the various issues and find the best outcomes. Debate takes place in Committees on topics such as Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Economics, Trade, Foreign Affairs and Climate Change. Negotiations culminate in the Plenary Session on Sunday afternoon where MEPs work hard to agree on the Directive.

To get the most of this event, study the Delegate Handbook carefully, familiarise yourself with your allocated political party and Committee.


Event Details

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, 16+17 September 2017
You are required to sign in on both days. Sign in starts at 9.00am on Saturday.

Programme: Please find the Model EU Auckland Programme.

Country Allocations: Click here to see which Country you will represent.

Map: This is a map of the AUT City Campus Map. The event will be in the WG Building.

Preparatory Materials:



Fine Print

Registrations are now closed. To see if a late registration can be made, please email Yvonne,   

Eligibility: All New Zealand secondary students Years 9 to 13

Costs: A fee of NZ$30 will be charged when you register for the event. The fee covers the event materials and catering (Morning & Afternoon Tea on Saturday and Sunday, lunch on both days and dinner on Saturday). Please inform us about dietary requirements during the registration process.

Financial support: A limited number of scholarships are available for students from low-decile schools, Maori, Pacifica and special needs students. Mobility subsidies and limited accomodation options are available if you live outside the Auckland region to assist you with travel and accommodation costs. Please contact Yvonne (email below) for more information.

Parental Consent: For participants under the age of 18 we require consent of your parental or legal guardian. During the registration you will need to indicate that you have their approval to participate – this is legally binding, so be sure that you have their approval before your register.

We also require the details of a parent or legal guardian and their emergency contact details. In the event of an emergency, we will contact them directly.




Yvonne Grosch
Phone +64 (0) 3 36 94 395, extension 94395


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