Model EU – Christchurch 2017


The new US government: A Trump for the EU?  


The EUCN in partnership with UN Youth Canterbury, the University of Canterbury (UC) and the NCRE  were very happy to bring this exciting event to Christchurch for another year!

The 2016 presidential elections in the US met with various reactions: from excitement to disappointment. Will the new administration renew the EU-US relations? What implications can announced election promises have on current and future agreements, for instance on trade, migration, human rights, security and defence, external relations,….?

Delegates were invited to “step into the shoes” of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and negotiate a Directive to guide future relations.

On Thursday & Friday, 7+8 September 2017 Delegates were allocated a political party of the European Parliament (EP) and represented a Member State (MS) in a Committee. MEPs worked with members of their own parties and those with similar interests to form a position on the various issues and find the best outcomes. Debates took place in Committees on topics such as Civil Liberties, Human Rights, Economics, Trade, Foreign Affairs and Climate Change. Negotiations culminated in the Plenary Session on Friday afternoon where MEPs worked hard to agree on the Directive.

Find all the background information in the  Canterbury Model EU Handbook.


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