Engaging with the Global Strategy – GLOBAL

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence entitled ‘Engaging with the Global Strategy – GLOBAL’ creates a national network including all eight New Zealand universities, with the purpose to increase visibility of EU Studies. GLOBAL promotes academic added value in three ways: engaging civil society with the EU; nurturing early career researchers to build sustainability; and creating a policy bridge with EU decision-makers
The project engages with the EU’s Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy in relation to the Asia-Pacific region (EUGS).  The region is a diverse though increasingly integrated one, reflecting an array of different realities that provide analytical challenges. The region is of significance to the European Union in terms both its economic weight, and increasingly the security challenges present therein, both elements that are given considerable emphasis in the EUGS. 

The project proposes to bring together a number of researchers with considerable expertise on the EU, on the Asia-Pacific and on the thematic elements in the Global Strategy. This approach in many ways reflects the Global Strategy’s push for comprehensiveness in EU external relations.

Project Results

Publication – edited book Shaping the EU’s Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions in the Palgrave Macmillan Series on The European Union in International Affairs

Publications – Journal articles (3) 

M. Gibbons, S. Kelly and M. Holland “Escaping the UK’s Shadow: New Zealand and the European Union” in A-M Brady, Small States and the Changing Global Order: New Zealand Faces the Future, Springer Nature, Switzerland, 2019

Lai Suetyi, M. Holland and S. Kelly, “The Emperors New Clothes? Perceptions of the EU’s strategic partnerships in Asia”, Asia Europe Journal, 2018

Wellings, B., Kelly, S., Wilson, B, Burton J. and M. Holland “Narrative Alignment and Misalignment: NATO as a Global Actor as Seen from Australia and New Zealand”, Asian Security, Sept 2017 

Video Seminar Series (4 p.a. = 12 total) 

14 August 2020 HE Mira Woldberg, The Netherlands Ambassador to New Zealand 

19 August 2020 Laura Clark, British High Commissioner to New Zealand 

21 August 2020 HE Peter Ryan, Irish Ambassador to New Zealand 


The project includes two areas of research: Policy Innovation and EU – Asia Pacific relations. 

As a result of the research conducted over more than a decade and culminating with this project, the edited book Shaping the EU’s Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions was published as part of the Palgrave book series The European Union in International Affairs (EUIA). This book explores the images and perceptions of the EU in the eyes of their Strategic Partners. Spanning four continents, these ten important global actors – the BRICS together with the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Mexico – are of profound significance to the EU in economics, politics, security and global governance. In 2015, the volume’s editors and contributors were commissioned by the European External Action Service to research these countries’ perceptions towards the EU. The research highlights how in changing multilateral settings, images and perceptions significantly influence the behaviour and foreign policy choices of actors. The findings presented in this book helped to inform the content and focus of the 2016 EU Global Strategy, and will be of interest to scholars, students and practitioners of EU foreign policy, European integration and public diplomacy.

  1. The Global Strategy: Policy Innovation 
    1. Edited book
    2. Two Workshops 
  2. The Global Strategy: European Union and Asia Pacific relations
    1. Edited book
    2. Three policy briefs/ journal articles
    3. Two Workshops 

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