EU-NZ FTA – Policy Debate with the Academic World

This pilot project has received support from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and built upon previous preliminary research into the trade relations and integration of the EU especially in relation to New Zealand.

At the time of application the EU and New Zealand have had preliminary talks regarding a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).  The Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit at the EUCN partner institution Lincoln University had undertaken a basic analysis of the background to Free Trade Agreements of both the EU and New Zealand, as well as preliminary modelling of the impact of such an agreement. The project built on existing findings and used the Lincoln Trade and Environment Model (LTEM) to develop these scenarios further and looked at sensitivity to various negotiation strategies for agricultural trade. In addition, Brexit would have a significant impact on the integration of EU and its relations with third party countries. The impact of this will depend upon various trade and agricultural policies implemented by both EU, the UK and third party countries. Therefore, the project examined scenarios for agricultural and trade policy and their impact on the EU and NZ. 
This project built on the previous record of collaboration between all eight New Zealand universities under the EU Centres Network Consortium (EUCN). As part of the project, promoting the growth of EU Studies in New Zealand and growing a new generation of skilled researchers, PhD Candidate Irena Obadovic and MA Candidate Bridgette McLellan successfully submitted and defended their thesis. Pongthep Prasopchokechai submitted his PhD thesis and Adam Fenton his MA thesis. John Saunders commenced his PhD research at Lincoln University in March 2018. 

As a result of the research conducted, a number of academic publications, Research Reports and Policy Briefs were released and findings presented at conferences and stakeholder meetings. 

Publications – Academic Publications

Publications – Research Reports 

Publications – Policy Briefs

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