This grant is funded by European Commission International Partnerships under their action Engagement with Civil Society in Indonesia, New Zealand, Thailand and the ASEAN Regional Level

You can learn more about EC International Partnerships and their objectives on their website

EU PUBLIC DIPLOMACY aims to “bridge the cultural gap, especially among young people, by promoting a better understanding of the EU, its values and its role as a Global Actor. In so doing, and with an explicit focus on youth, it identifies and addresses four priority areas:

  1. Highlights the EU’s global importance and shared vision with New Zealand (NZ) on global and regional issues, thereby raising the EU’s profile as a strategic partner;
  2. Address a lack of EU visibility in New Zealand’s curriculum in general, and specifically limited knowledge and awareness of the EU’s global importance for younger generations;
  3. Engages younger New Zealanders to gain an understanding of the EU, address perceived potential risks and build trust through dialogue, in particular regarding the ongoing negotiations and areas of common interest;
  4. Underlines the benefits and importance of the EU-New Zealand Partnership in broad terms including cooperation on global health and environmental challenges, security, common values and Human Rights, smart, sustainable and inclusive development, as well as other global issues.

The EU PUBLIC DIPLOMANCY work programme is informed by European Commission International Partnerships objectives of creating an integrated and balanced programme linking specific actions to particular target groups, and providing a pathway from high school to tertiary education integrating EU-learning. 

Deliverables for the grant:

  • 3x Model EU Parliaments – Christchurch 2021, Wellington 2022, Auckland 2023
  • 3x Model EU Councils – Auckland 2021, 2022 + 2023 venue TBC
  • 3x Teacher Immersion workshops – Christchurch 2021, Wellington 2022, Auckland 2023
  • 3x Teacher Prepratory workshops 
  • 6x Postgrad student workshops
  • 3x study tours to Wellington – included in the PACE395 paper
  • 3x University of Canterbury module PACE395
  • 2x University of Auckland module – INTBUS307 International Management and Strategy
  • 1x University of Auckland module – LAWPUBL432 International Economic Regulation
  • 3x University of Auckland module – European Integration
  • Virtual Youth Forum
  • Youth Perceptions Project
  • 3x Student exchanges with University of Limerick
  • 12x University of Auckland Hot Topic events


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