Project Leader

Prof. Natalia Chaban at the C3EU Workshop No1 in Darmstadt, November 2015

Prof. Natalia Chaban is a Jean Monnet Chair and Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research on Europe at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. A UC Teaching Award recipient, Natalia teaches and designs a variety of under- and post-graduate courses and supervises MA/PhD students in European and EU Studies.  In her regional engagement, she is the President of Ukrainian Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand and co-editor of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies (since its inception in 2009).

Natalia focuses her interdisciplinary research on cognitive and semiotic aspects of political and media discourses, and image and perceptions studies within the EU and IR contexts. Since 2002, together with Prof Martin Holland, she has been co-leading a comparative transnational project “EU Global Perceptions”.  This project has been supported by Jean Monnet Programme of the European Commission, European External Action Service and Asia Europe Foundation. She also co-led a project studying NATO perceptions in Asia Pacific supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme and NATO Public Diplomacy Division (with Vlad Vernygora and Svetlana Beltyukova). Natalia’s contribution to the field of EU external perceptions has been internationally recognized by scholars and stakeholders, and research design and methods have been replicated around the world.

Natalia widely publishes on the topic of EU external perceptions including articles in high impact journals such as the Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of European Integration, European Foreign Affairs Review, Cooperation and Conflict, Foreign Policy Analysis, Mobilities, Comparative European Politics. Most recently, she co-edited Communicating Europe in Times of Crisis: External Perceptions of the European Union (Palgrave 2014, with M. Holland),  Importing EU Norms (Springer 2015, with A. Björkdahl, J. Leslie and A. Masselot), and The EU’s Global Strategy: Partners and Perceptions (Palgrave McMillan 2018, with M. Holland). She is a Guest Editor of Special Issues – ‘External Images of the EU – Energy Power Across the Globe’ (with M.  Knodt and A. Verdun, Comparative European Politics, 2017);  “The EU and its Eastern Neighbours: Perceptions and Strategic Dialogue in the Region” (with M. Knodt and J. Headley, European Foreign Affairs Review, 2018);  and “NATO Global Perceptions – Views from the Asia-Pacific Region” (with P. Bacon, J. Burton, V. Vernygora, Asian Security  2018). Her book Bilateral Energy Relations between the EU and Emerging Powers: Mutual Perception of the EU and Brazil, China, India and South Africa (co-authored with M. Knodt and L. Nielsen) is published with Nomos in 2017.