Round Table #1

August 28, 2019
Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, Lithuania


On Wednesday, August 28, the E-YOUTH team and its partner, Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis (VIPA), held a public event, presenting the findings of project in four sessions of presentations. All presentations highlighted the two issues in focus of the project:

  1. Younger  Ukrainians are the more likely to see themselves as Europeans, have a positive EU image, and perceive Ukraine’s European orientation in terms of gains for themselves and Ukraine. E-YOUTH assesses EU narratives and perceptions among Ukrainian youth and provides empirical information to revise EU public diplomacy towards Ukraine.
  2. The three Baltic states occupy a special place in Ukraine’s images of European integration and Ukraine’s European path: they are seen as role-models in post-Soviet transformation; advocates and supporters of Ukraine’s European orientation; and Ukraine’s allies within the EU in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. E-YOUTH assesses if Ukrainian youth born after the collapse of the USSR shares these views and tests how future leaders and voters from the EU Baltic states see the place of Ukraine in Europe.

The event was attended by representatives of civil society, think tankers, and diplomats and received positive feedback.


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