International Virtual Symposia #1

May 25-26, 2020

30 Years After the Breakup of the USSR: Russia and Post-Soviet Europe, Narratives and Perceptions

Main outcome: N. Chaban, H. Mondry, E. Pavlov (eds.) (2019-2020) Special Issue “The EU Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine: Mutual narratives and perceptions”, Special Issue New Zealand Slavonic Journal, 53-54.

E-YOUTH has organised an international virtual symposium  involving 15 scholars from New Zealand, the UK, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.E-YOUTH has teamed up with new partners – Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies of the UC, NZ, Professors Henrietta Mondry and Evgeny Pavlov (Russian Programme, editors of the New Zealand Slavonic Journal).

Over two days, participants discussed the role and place of political communication, strategic narratives and perceptions in the information flows in the post-Soviet space, with a special focus on the political imaginations of Russia vis-à-vis Europe/the EU in post-Maidan Ukraine, three Baltic EU member states and Russia.  Youth narratives were in the main focus. Symposium papers will contribute to the Special Issue with peer-reviewed New Zealand Slavonic Journal. E-YOUTh virtual symposium united experienced and early-career scholars from the international E-YOUTH team and University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and succeeded in establishing a multidisciplinary dialogue. The Special Issue with NZ Slavonic Journal (co-edited by Natalia Chaban, Henrietta Mondry and Evgeny Pavlov) is scheduled for publication by the end of 2020.

E-YOUTH Virtual Simposium No1 programme.pdf

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