Hannah Harris

Dr Harris is a Scholar at Macquarie Law School, Sydney. Her research area is transnational law and corporate regulation. Her current work includes analysis of legislative responses to transnational challenges, including illegal logging and modern slavery; and the impact of foreign bribery enforcement action on corporate compliance policies and practices.

A key theme in Hannah’s research is the way in which power dynamics and diverse values and interests shape regulatory regimes and impact the effectiveness of these regimes across diverse jurisdictions.

Before joining MQLS, Hannah was a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for Law Markets and Regulation, a Senior Research Analyst with the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre, and a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Hannah’s book: The Global Anti-Corruption Regime – The case of Papua New Guinea (Routledge, 2019) documents the evolution of a global regime to combat corrupt activity, highlighting the challenges faced in implementing and enforcing this regime. The interplay between legal, social, political and economic dynamics is at the heart of Hannah’s approach to legal research. More recently, she has published on Illegal Logging in the Asia Pacific Journal of Environmental Law and has been accepted in the Georgetown Journal of International Law on the topic of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

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