Jean Monnet Chair: Dr Milenko Petrovic

The European Union and Europeanisation of Wider Europe and the World


The aim of this Chair is to enhance current teaching and research offerings and foster an interest in European and European Union Studies at the University of Canterbury and in New Zealand by providing a unique opportunity for students and the wider academic and professional public to familiarise themselves with European affairs, and develop an expertise in the relationship between the EU and countries of its closer and wider neighbourhoods. The teaching, research and other activities of this project will be focused on investigating and assessing the modes and mechanisms which the EU has used in promoting and assisting democratic reform and economic modernisation in its closer and wider neighbourhood. Herein, particular attention will be paid to the investigation of the importance and mutual differences in the use of EU enlargement on one side and the European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership on the other in supporting post-communist transition and overcoming the East-West divide of the continent.

While the teaching and study for the courses offered within this Chair will provide students with a unique opportunity (not offered at any other university in NZ) to raise an awareness and develop expertise in the major political and economic trends and issues in the relationship between the EU as an institution and the post-communist and other countries in its neighbourhood, the project as a whole will contribute to the development of a new wave of foreign policy experts in NZ specialising in current EU affairs.


This Jean Monnet Chair comprises the following courses and research projects:


Democratic and Economic Evolution of Europe

EURA226/ EURA326/HIST269/HIST329
The Rise and Fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe, 1944-1991

The EU and the “Europeanisation” of Europe


Research projects:



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