Revitalising Regional Integration in Europe and the Asia Pacific

Economic volatility, people movements  and territorial security constitute a ‘triple challenge’ confronting integrating regions such as the EU. Further, the degree to which regions can maintain their own prosperity and stability has implications for their relationships with other regions, many of which face their own version of the ‘triple challenge’. This research project examines regional- and national-level political responses to the ‘triple challenge’ in the EU and other integrating regions.

What can we learn from comparing the responses of each region to economic, migratory and territorial (in)security, as well as the national-level political and social impacts of these challenges? What can regions learn from each other?

Based in Victoria University of Wellington’s Political Science and International Relations Programme and its Centre for Strategic Studies, this project aims to support scholars and policy makers to respond to pressing challenges faced by member states and the EU as a whole.

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