Jean Monnet Networks foster the creation and development of consortia of international players in the area of European Union Studies in order to gather information, exchange practices, build knowledge and promote the European Integration process.


For more information on current Jean Monnet Networks involving New Zealand please click on the Network titles below:

European Union Studies Association Asia Pacific (EUSAAP)

European Union Centres Network (EUCN)
A network including all New Zealand universities and partner institutions overseas dedicated to researching and teaching EU Studies at the highest level.

National Centre for Research on Europe – Global Europe: EU-Asia Pacific Relations

Crisis, Conflict and Critical Diplomacy: The EU Perceptions in Ukraine and Israel/Palestine (C3EU)

Nexus of European Centres Abroad for Research on EHEA (partner)


Past Networks

Evaluating External Perceptions of the European Union at a Time of its Institutional Renewal and Global Change

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