Transnational Security

Work Package 2 (WP2) focuses on regional integration in the EU and the Pacific in response to transnational crimes that are pertinent to both regions, bridging the gap between scholarship and practice. 

WP2   Project Team 

Neil BoisterUniversity of Canterbury
Prof Andreas SchloenhardtUniversity of Queensland
Sebastian CampbellUniversity of Queensland
Monika StempkowskiUniversity of Vienna
Chat Le NguyenUniversity of the South Pacific
John HopkinsUniversity of Canterbury
Graham HassallVictoria University of Wellington
Natacha WissttUniversity of Canterbury
Sophia ShahUniversity of the South Pacific
Susanne Reindl-KrauskopfUniversity of Vienna
Lisa RöslerUniversity of Vienna
Joanna MossopVictoria University of Wellington
Osvaldo UrrutiaVictoria University of Wellington
Elizabeth-Rose AmidjogbeUniversity of Wollongong
Hannah HarrisMacquarie Law School

Research objectives for this Work Package are to (1) define regional integration at the level or regional law, policy and institution-making around the suppression of criminal activity, and (2) comparing the EU, a region where law, policy and institution-making at the regional level is established, with the South Pacific where it is poorly developed. 

The scope of the research is an analysis of the principal legal instruments, policy instruments and institutions in the EU and the South Pacific in regard to the specified crimes. 

The methods utilised are: 

  • legal and contextual survey of the most important elements of these instruments and institutions using standard analytical approaches. 
  • interviews of key architects and administrators of these instruments and institutions in Europe and the Pacific. 

Date & VenueTitle of Event
Wed, 07 February 2018
University of Canterbury, School of Law
Professor Neil Boister presented a at the Comparative Law Symposium: Legal
Pluralism in the 21st Century, entitled 'Comparative Regional Approaches to Drug trafficking in the European Union, The Pacific Islands Forum and the African Union'
Fri, 27 July 2018
New Zealand Institute of Intelligence Professionals, South Island Branch, Justice Precinct, Christchurch
Professor Neil Boister gave a presentation on: 'Different forms of Regional cooperation against Crime'
Fri, 22 March 2019
TC Bierne School of Law, University of Queensland
Research Workshop: Regional Approaches to Anti-Corruption in the South Pacific and Europe
Fri, 22 March 2019
University of Queensland, TC Bierne School of Law
Dr Monika Stempkowski presented a seminar on European Union Measures Concerning Drug trafficking, Addiction and International Cooperation (Professor Andreas Schloenhardt and Professor Neil Boister were discussants)
Wed, 25 September 2019
University of Canterbury, School of Law
European Union Measures Concerning Drug Trafficking, Addiction and International Cooperation
Fri, 27 September 2019
University of Canterbury, School of Law
Public Seminar: Global and European Approaches to Anti-Corruption